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M Empowerment

Almost immediately after announcing my new Empowerment Sessions, M reached out to me to book hers. She chose to be near the water. It's where she feels most at peace, and her favourite colour is the golden shimmer from the sun glistening off the ocean. Leading up to our session, she spent the day doing all the things that filled her soul. She worked in her garden, relaxed in the sun and read a good book.

We met at our location and we watched the sun set beyond the trees.

We watched an eagle fly above.

We talked about life.

She told me about how it can be easy to notice differences in her outer appearance over the course of her life, but then expressed how her legs have carried her through jungles and up mountains in her travels. She told me about how her hands have held her loved ones for the last time. How she can look back on her life and see a long path of growth and all the circumstances she has had to overcome to be where she is today - and best of all, she's proud of who she sees now.

This gorgeous woman taught me a lot about what these sessions can mean to someone. Thank you.

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